Research project on biological methanisation of syngas started

Biological methanisation is a promising technology that is capable to convert biogas from anaerobic digestion or syngas from thermochemical gasification into a methane rich gas. in comparision to catalytical methanisation, the technology is robust in terms of sensititivy for contaminants, relatively simple and therefore suitable to operate on relatively small scale.

Together with the German company MicrobEnergy, ProBiomass currently explores the possibilities of applying biological methanisation in combination with supercritical gasification of sewage sludge, as currently developed in the project SUPERSLUDGE. This has the advantage that the syngas, which is already rich in CO2 and H2, The gas comes available at high pressure from the process and therefore has the potential to be directly converted to synthetic natural gas (SNG). The

The project is funded by Gasterra and Stowa.